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Changing Window Title and Icon

KubeJS Examples

Yes, you can do that with KubeJS too. To change title, all you have to do is change title in kub...


KubeJS Examples

You can also always look at existing modpack using KubeJS UI to see how they do it onEvent('ui.m...

Loot Table Modification

KubeJS Examples

onEvent('block.loot_tables', event => { event.addSimpleBlock('minecraft:dirt', 'minecraft:r...


KubeJS Events

onEvent('item.tooltip', tooltip => { // Add tooltip to all of these items tooltip.add(['...

Custom Fluids

KubeJS Examples

Fabric not supported yet! onEvent('fluid.registry', event => { // Basic "thick" (looks lik...


KubeJS Examples

This page describes all functions and operations available for units Usage Most basic unit is p...

Item Modification

KubeJS Examples

item.modification event is a startup script event that allows you to change properties of existin...

Block Modification

KubeJS Examples

block.modification event is a startup script event that allows you to change properties of existi...



FAQ What does this mod do? This mod lets you create scripts in JavaScript language to manage yo...

Reflection / Java access

KubeJS Examples

Very limited reflection is possible, but is not recommended. Use it in cases when KubeJS doesnt s...

Custom Blocks

KubeJS Examples

This is a startup script. onEvent('block.registry', event => { event.create('test_block') ...

Painter API

KubeJS Examples

Currently very broken on 1.18.2. Anything other than white text or black rectangles will not work...