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Network Packets

KubeJS Examples

This script shows how to use network packets: // Listen to a player event, in this case item rig...

Scheduled Server Events

KubeJS Examples

At server load, you can schedule anything to happen at later time. Within callback handler you ca...


KubeJS Events

For more information on biomes field, see worldgen.add event page. onEvent('worldgen.remove', ev...


KubeJS Events

This event isn't complete yet and can only do basic things. Adding dimension-specific features al...


KubeJS Examples

You can also always look at existing modpack using KubeJS UI to see how they do it events.listen...

Changing Window Title and Icon

KubeJS Examples

Yes, you can do that with KubeJS too. To change title, all you have to do is change title in kub...


KubeJS Events

This event is fired when a tag collection is loaded, to modify it with script. You can add and re...


KubeJS Events

This event needs cleanup! Using it is not recommended. Information This event is fired when a c...


KubeJS Examples

Moved to RecipeEventJS!

Chat Event

KubeJS Examples

This script is peak of human evolution. Whenever someone says "Creeper" in chat, it replies with ...

Starting Items

KubeJS Examples

This script adds items on first time player joins, checking gamestages Requires GameStages mod! ...

FTB Quests Integration

KubeJS Examples

events.listen('ftbquests.custom_task.75381f79', function (event) {'Custom task!') ...


KubeJS Classes

Class of string objects, such as "abc" (and in JS 'abc' works as well)  Parent Object Variable...

Information (Read this first!)


Website and FAQ: Discord server: Forge ...


KubeJS Events

This event is the most basic event class, parent of all other events. Parent class Object Can ...

Primitive Types

KubeJS Classes

Information Primitive types are objects that don't have a real class and don't inherit methods f...


KubeJS Classes

Parent class of all Java objects.  Parent None (and itself at the same time, don't question it)...

FTB Utilities Rank Promotions

KubeJS Examples

With this script you can have FTB Utilities roles that change over time. Is for 1.12 only. Requi...

Custom Items

KubeJS Examples

// Listen to block registry event events.listen('item.registry', function (event) { // The te...


KubeJS Events

Examples Possible settings you can change for recipes. It's recommended that you put this in it'...