List of all events

This is a list of all events. It's possible that not all events are listed here, but this list will be updated regularly.

Click on event ID to open it's class and see information, fields and methods.

ID Cancellable Type Available on Fabric
init No Startup Yes
postinit No Startup Yes
loaded No Startup Yes
command.registry No Server Startup Yes Yes Server No
client.init No Client Startup Yes
client.debug_info.left No Client


client.debug_info.right No Client


client.logged_in No Client Yes
client.logged_out No Client Yes
client.tick No Client Yes
client.item_tooltip No Client Yes
server.load No Server Startup Yes
server.unload No Server Yes
server.tick No Server Yes
server.datapack.first No Server Startup Yes
server.datapack.last No Server Startup Yes
recipes No Server Startup Yes
world.load No Server Yes
world.unload No Server Yes
world.tick No Server Yes
world.explosion.pre Yes Server No No Server No
player.logged_in No Server No
player.logged_out No Server Yes
player.tick No Server No
player.data_from_server. Yes Client Yes
player.data_from_client. Yes Server Yes Yes Server No
player.advancement No Server No
player.inventory.opened No Server No
player.inventory.closed No Server No
player.inventory.changed No Server Yes
player.chest.opened No Server No
player.chest.closed No Server No
entity.death Yes Server No
entity.attack Yes Server No
entity.drops Yes Server No
entity.check_spawn Yes Server No
entity.spawned Yes Server No
block.registry No Startup Yes
block.missing_mappings No Server Startup No
block.tags No Server Startup Yes
block.right_click Yes Server Yes
block.left_click Yes Server Yes Yes Server No
block.break Yes Server No
block.drops No Server No
item.registry No Startup Yes
item.missing_mappings No Server Startup No
item.tags No Server Startup Yes
item.right_click Yes Server Yes
item.right_click_empty No Server Yes
item.left_click No Server Yes
item.entity_interact Yes Server Yes
item.pickup Yes Server Yes
item.toss Yes Server Yes
item.crafted No Server Yes
item.smelted No Server Yes
fluid.tags No Server Startup Yes
entity_type.tags No Server Yes


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